Dedicated Analytical Solutions

Dedicated Analytical Solutions

FOSS develops rapid, reliable and dedicated analytical solutions for routine testing to allow for fast decisions on how to maximise value of production of agricultural food products.


Central Milk Testing


FOSS is a global partner with more than 120 offices worldwide.

MilkoScan™ FT1 for profit and consistent dairy products

The MilkoScan™ FT1 analyses the major components in raw and processed milk, cream and whey, such as, Fat, Protein, Total solids, Solids non Fat and Lactose, as well as screens for milk adulteration.

MilkoScan™ Mars Milk Analyzer

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MilkoScan Mars for milk analysis helps you to avoid slow and labor-intensive traditional testing methods and improves your ability to spot deliberate or accidental adulteration of the milk supply.

Cases and news

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White Paper: Qualification: Adulteration screening with NIR – a case on skim milk powder.

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What’s new in milk testing?

This playlist gives you a snapshot of some of the recent developments.

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