Our 60 year history paving the way for food quality


FOSS is celebrating its 60th anniversary at events around the world during the rest of the year. We hope that we can meet you face to face at one of these events, but in the meantime let´s take a moment to look at why the anniversary is significant.

Over the years, FOSS has built-up unique competences that allow us to take on ever- complex challenges within food and agri quality control. These challenges include adulteration of the supply chain, tight margins for food and feed producers and the ongoing need to improve efficiency in production processes.

A history of innovation

After initial success with a moisture tester for grain growers, further innovations in analytical technology followed, not just in the grain industry, but also dairy, meat, laboratory, wine, feed and raw milk sectors. FOSS has been granted over 100 patents and has developed many completely new ways to monitor and control food products throughout the supply chain, leading to less waste of resources and more gain for producers. See some examples of innovations here.

Family firm with courage to invest

FOSS was founded in 1956 by Nils Foss and today, his son, Peter Foss is FOSS Chairman. In an interview to mark the anniversary he said: “My Father founded the company 60 years ago based on some fundamental attitudes about the way we do business and they still hold today: high focus on product innovation, customer satisfaction and doing our business with integrity.”

Meet FOSS at events around the globe

Download the event calendar to get an overview

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