The industry’s best Dedicated Analytical Solutions

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FOSS Mission

  • We contribute to the sustainable use of our planet’s agricultural resources and thus to the nutrition and health of the people of the world
  • We provide the Industry’s best Dedicated Analytical Solutions, which add value to our customers by improving quality and optimising food and agricultural production


FOSS Values

  • First – because we want to be first and best
  • Customer Satisfaction – because the customer (of course!) is the focus of FOSS Lean business processes
  • Knowledge – because FOSS exceedingly is a company based on knowledge
  • People and Teams – because our employees in co-operation are the basis of FOSS’ success

FOSS in brief

80% of grain traded on the world market is analysed with a FOSS solution

85% of the world’s milk is tested by a FOSS solution

Did you know that…

…FOSS has about 40,000 customers and long lasting partnerships with all “top 100” food and agricultural companies.