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Efficient operations for milk analysis

Foss Integrator™ provides a common and powerful milk testing software platform for integrated analysis operations across different analysis instruments.



cases Welcome to the automated laboratory

Automated operations help the Qlip central milk testing (CMT) laboratory in Zutphen, the Netherlands, keep up with evolving demands while providing a more flexible quality control service for farmers and dairies.

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Effective CMT operations

Foss Integrator™ provides an integrated operational base for high-end FOSS analytical solutions for raw milk testing, payment analysis and Dairy Herd Improvement analysis. For instance, with automatic job control the software gets information on how the individual samples should be analysed. This helps you save on time and resources that would otherwise be spent sorting and preparing samples. Supported solutions include CombiFoss™ FT+ – or standalone MilkoScan™ FT+, Fossomatic™ FC and BactoScan™ FC solutions.

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purplebullet Make the most of your milk analysis data

Foss Integrator™ fully supports data export to MicroSoft™ products so you can send results to your own Excel sheet to perform calculations. The results can then be returned to the result list in Foss Integrator™. For example, you could return a classification code of individual samples.

purplebullet Set the level according to user

The Foss Integrator™ software platform operates with a variety of user levels so multiple users can make valid measurements and get access to the milk analysis information they need.

purplebullet Traceable information at your fingertips

Specific functions help you to get information about individual samples, the analyser set-up, last zero and standardisation, operator and much more. This makes it easier for you to improve control through traceable measurements that meet growing demands for documentation.

purplebullet One platform, one interface

All milk testing equipment that uses the Foss Integrator™ software shares a common user interface for easy learning, operation and maximum data safety.

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Designed for your analysis needs

The platform includes a number of facilities promoting efficient milk analysis operations. These include a broad range of data formats, QA reports, remote servicing, repeated version updates, radio tags, log-on levels, traceability, graphics on historical data and automatic job control.

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