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Effective herd improvement with somatic cell counting

Fossomatic™ FC performs accurate milk analysis using somatic cell counting. It is a high-capacity analyser that meets the demands of farmers in need of fast and reliable Dairy Herd Improvement, (DHI) results. It is also available as part of CombiFoss™ FT+.

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Accurate and immediate results

Fossomatic™ FC is based on flowcytometry technology that counts and characterises particles and cells. It can be directly translated as the measurement of cells while they are flowing.

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cases At the cutting edge of quality control of milk

Dairy One, a leading milk testing laboratory in the USA has benefited from the high accuracy and fast turnaround time of the MilkoScan™ FT+

cases Welcome to the automated laboratory

Automated operations help the Qlip central milk testing (CMT) laboratory in Zutphen, the Netherlands, keep up with evolving demands while providing a more flexible quality control service for farmers and dairies.

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products Central configuration, support and surveillance

Mosaic™ networking software from FOSS lets your specialist team configure, manage and monitor your FOSS equipment via the Internet.

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purplebullet Proven platform

Fossomatic™ FC includes the best of proven technology such as:

• Closed reagent handling
• Effective waste handling
• Accurate measurements based on FOSS Flow Cytometry
• High-precision at grading limits using precision set-up

purplebullet Advanced technology

To match the increasing demands of the modern laboratory Fossomatic™ FC includes advanced features such as:

• Robust pressurized pump system for sheath liquid
• Heating of rinse liquid
• Temperature-controlled liquids to optimize staining and cleaning
• Software platform (FOSS Integrator™ IMT) for ease of use, result-handling and traceability

purplebullet Integrated system

Fossomatic™ FC uses the same efficient conveyor system as MilkoScan™, Fossomatic™, CombiFoss™ and BactoScan™

purplebullet Integrated software platform

FOSS MilkoScan™ FT+, Fossomatic™ FC and CombiFoss™ FT+ share the same powerful Foss Integrator™ software platform offering advanced data handling and storage facilities for traceability while a common user interface promotes more efficient laboratory operations.

Brochures and data sheets

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icon_pdf-83c5e92d05da478cd8a2c8feb5939243bf514c37CENTRAL MILK TESTING BROCHURE

icon_pdf-83c5e92d05da478cd8a2c8feb5939243bf514c37FOSSOMATICE FC SOLUTON BROCHURE

Testing volume: Up to 600 samples per hour

Parameters: Somatic cell count

For use by: Central milk testing laboratories

Technology: Flow cytometry complies with IDF and FDA/NCIMS requirements for somatic cell counting

Samples: Raw cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk

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