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Success throughout the process

FOSS offers a complete range of dedicated solutions providing new opportunities to optimize your dairy production from improving quality and safety of raw material, through to milk standardization, and verification of end products.

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Get in-line – how to take advantage of new dairy process analysis solutions

Options for process control with in-line near infrared analysis are improving every day.

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MilkoScan™ FT1 for profit and consistent dairy products

The MilkoScan™ FT1 analyses the major components in raw and processed milk, cream and whey, such as, Fat, Protein, Total solids, Solids non Fat and Lactose, as well as screens for milk adulteration. The analysis may be used for Milk payment, calculation of the mass balance, for standardizations purposes as well as to verify the end products. MilkoScan™ FT1 is a fast and accurate analyser which can a make big impact on the dairy’s profit.

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The new MilkoScan™ Mars – the MilkoScan for everyone

MilkoScan Mars puts powerful FTIR analytical technology within your reach, helping you to avoid slow and labour-intensive traditional testing methods and improving the ability to spot deliberate or accidental adulteration of the milk supply.

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Taking the next step in dairy process control

erman dairy cooperative Berchtesgaden decided to take advantage of new
technology and opted for a measuring solution to help them optimise yield and control key quality parameters in their butter and cheese production.

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Touch of quality

US dairy producer Oakhurst Dairy give their reaction to the new touch screen software available with the MilkoScan™ FT2.

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Minimal turnaround time in the dairy lab with NIR

In this article, associate NIR network administrator Cassy Streeter from Dairy One explains how NIR analysis has helped reduce turnaround time on lab results. In a time where customers’ are increasingly demanding less expensive analyses and a broader variety of parameters and feed types, NIR is helping to increase business potential.

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FOSS solution includes ready-to-use calibrations

or accurate determination of fat, protein, lactose, total solids, moisture and solids-non-fat in dairy products, Foss solutions can be applied right away without extensive calibration work. The MilkoScan™ FT 2 includes ready to use calibrations for: milk, cream, whey and fermented products.

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From improved grain quality to more protein in milk powder: highlights from In Focus, no.1 2016 out now


See the latest edition of the FOSS In Focus magazine for video interviews and articles revealing how food and agri professionals are exploiting the value of routine analysis.

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purplebullet Rapid and reliable results

In the laboratory, at the production line or directly in the process, FOSS solutions allow effective control of a range of dairy products such as consumer milk, butter, cheese, yoghurt, powders, milk concentrates and other dairy products.

purplebullet Consistency and sustainability in dairy production

Accurate online standardisation helps to make the best possible use of valuable raw material while process monitoring streamlines the process of butter, powder and cheese production.


Fast and accurate tests for your cheese production


The First MilkoScan for Everyone

MilkoScan FT1

Security screening of milk in 30 seconds with FTIR technology

MilkoScan FT2

MilkoScan™ FT2 – advanced milk analysis for profitable dairy production

NIRS DS2500 Dairy Analyzer

The next step in NIR analysis of Dairy powder

ProFoss for Dairy

Why in-line NIR pays in dairy production

FoodScan Dairy Analyzer

Improved efficiency and consistency in dairy production

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A fast return on investment

A dairy plant producing 300,000 litres of milk per day can use MilkoScan to improve milk testing accuracy and save 0.014% fat per processed litre of milk. Over the course of a year, this seemingly small saving mounts up to US$ 59,787.

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