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cases “Teaming up for continuous quality ”

The milk testing capacity of the state-of-the-art laboratory at Lake Norden Cheese Company has received a major boost in the form of a new MilkoScan™ FT1 analyser. Working alongside a previously installed MilkoScan™ FT120, the new instrument is helping to improve efficiency and continuity in quality control testing.

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cases “Perfect pizza cheese at the right price ”

Cheese production is made economic and predictable using ProcesScan™ FT


products “Process control in the production line ”

Rapid and continuous adjustments to the flow of milk entering the production line lead to huge process efficiency savings for forward-looking Arla cheese production facility.

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cases “Video explains infrared analysis options for dairy producers ”

A growing number of technology options are becoming available which presents users with both opportunities and important choices. Called ‘Directions in dairy analysis’, the video includes interviews with experts from FOSS who explain the technology and the considerations to be made when selecting an infrared analytical instrument.

Topics covered are Fourier Transform infrared (FTIR), near infrared (NIR) transmission, NIR reflectance and other technologies such as Fourier Transform near infrared (FT NIR).


cases “Screening for ketosis in dairy herds: a new option for routine milk testing ”

Ketosis in dairy herds can reduce yield by over 500 kilos of milk per cow per year while also having an adverse effect on reproduction and welfare for the individual cows. A new screening system can help milk testing centres to provide an early warning of ketosis in dairy herds and has just gone on trial as a new service to farmers in the netherlands.

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cases “Versatile analysis for the flexible dairy ”

What are we making today? The Royal Frieslandcampina production facility in Aalter, Belgium produces a wide variety of products and likewise, must have a flexible approach to quality management. Rapid testing of both incoming milk and various end products with the Milkoscan™ FT2 analyser has become a cornerstone of production.

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versatile analysis

cases “Tradition with a touch of technology ”

Traditional cheese makers, Belton Cheese have a golden touch when it comes to winning prizes and grabbing premium shelf space at multiple national and international outlets. Analytical technology is helping to preserve and enhance the quality.

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cases “Touch of quality ”

US dairy producer Oakhurst Dairy give their reaction to the new touch screen software available with the MilkoScan™ FT2.

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cases “The value of milk standardisation ”

How do you produce consistent end products across multiple factories using a constantly varying milk supply? The answer, according to leading dairy producers Fonterra, is to standardise milk and dairy products in the process.

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cases “Dairy manufacturing with the lights off ”

Year 2020. A production manager sits at his computer. He is planning production using  information from tankers still on their way to the plant.

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cases “Finding the balance with saturated fats ”

More time on grass: adjusting feed for dairy herds can reduce the saturated fat content of milk

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cases “Det økologiske mejeri Naturmælk ”

Anne Lund Jensen, QC Manager, Naturmælk says:

“Substituting Gerber with MilkoScan™ Minor was a major change – a step in the right direction. With MSC Minor we are able to make more correction during production as we are able to make much more measurements. It is not unusual too run 200 samples per day. The production cost has definitely been reduced and we utilize the raw material better.”


cases “Øllingegaard Mejeri ”

Michael Christensen, Dairy Manager, Øllingegaard says:

“We use our MilkoScan™ Minor a lot at Øllingegaard- All production staff, including me is verry happy about this little machine. The fat content in our end products has been stabilised and our payments are more precise. Generally speaking we are very happy here.”