Accuracy at all stages of cheese and whey production with cheese analysis

Quality cheese production starts with the milk. FOSS provides analytical solutions for large and small cheese producers that allow you to get milk composition just right. And during the cheese process our rapid and easy to use in-line, at-line or laboratory solutions help you to monitor the process and final products.


products DairyScan™ for routine analysis of cheese

The DairyScan allows for fast and accurate fat and moisture testing within your cheese production. Forget about slow, labour-intensive traditional testing methods and enjoy rapid analysis whenever you need it.

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cases Teaming up for continuous quality

The milk testing capacity of the state-of-the-art laboratory at Lake Norden Cheese Company has received a major boost in the form of a new MilkoScan™ FT1 analyser. Working alongside a previously installed MilkoScan™ FT120, the new instrument is helping to improve efficiency and continuity in quality control testing.

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cases Tradition with a touch of technology

Traditional cheese makers, Belton Cheese have a golden touch when it comes to winning prizes and grabbing premium shelf space at multiple national and international outlets. Analytical technology is helping to preserve and enhance the quality.

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products ProFoss™ for Cheese

ProFoss™ is an in-line process analysis solution employing high-resolution technology for accurate monitoring of your dairy process. Advantages include improved yield and profit achieved through savings in raw materials and consistent product quality.

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Accurate moisture control in cheese production

FoodScan™ at line NIR analyser monitors multiple quality parameters such as moisture, fat, protein and salt. It enables cheese makers to get cheese production closer to targets and ensure high quality products.

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purplebullet Accuracy equals yield

The accuracy of FOSS analytical solutions allows you to get cheese production closer to your targets for optimal output and no waste.

purplebullet Networked solutions

RINA is a networking solution that makes it easy to precisely configure, manage and monitor near infrared (NIR) instruments from a remote location. RINA is ideal for companies that want to centralize or outsource their NIR support, leading to considerable cost savings and trouble free operation.


Fast and accurate tests for your cheese production


The First MilkoScan for Everyone

MilkoScan FT1

Security screening of milk in 30 seconds with FTIR technology

MilkoScan FT2

MilkoScan™ FT2 – advanced milk analysis for profitable dairy production

NIRS DS2500 Dairy Analyzer

The next step in NIR analysis of Dairy powder

ProFoss for Dairy

Why in-line NIR pays in dairy production

FoodScan Dairy Analyzer

Improved efficiency and consistency in dairy production

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Precision saves money

A dairy plant producing 8000 tons of cream cheese annually can use the ProFoss solution to improve the total solids content. Typically, 0.2 % of the total solids content can be replaced by the less expensive whey leading to an annual saving of Euro 50000 .

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