ProFoss™ for dairy - inline analysis

Why in-line NIR pays in dairy production

In this video, General Manager of Lake Country Dairy, John Peterson describes the gains made with the ProFoss in-line NIR system. It was installed to help operators get a better overview of the quite complex process involved in making products such as the company’s world class mascarpone cheese. However, it soon became apparent that there was much more to be gained by going in-line. “What happened was that it gave us so much more control over the process it actually had more benefit than we had originally thought,” says Peterson. “We were able to optimize our moisture level to really give customers the value that everybody is looking for.”

What can routine analysis do for you?

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Consistent quality, increased energy efficiency and increased yield

ProFoss™ in-line process analysis solution offers a range of applications for accurate monitoring of your dairy production, from butter to cheese and dairy powders, using high-resolution technology. This easy-to-use solution ensures consistent quality, increased energy efficiency and increased yield.

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The benefits of in-line process control

At FOSS Dairy Conference 2013 Peter Dijkstra, analytical chemistry analyst at Royal Friesland Campina explains the implementation and benefits of in-line process control.

Accurate control in butter production

ProFoss™ for butter monitors multiple quality parameters such as fat and moisture, enabling butter producers to get production closer to targets and make significant cost savings.

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Taking the next step in dairy process control

German dairy cooperative Berchtesgaden decided to take advantage of new technology and opted for a measuring solution to help them optimise yield and control key quality parameters in their butter and cheese production.

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Get in-line – how to take advantage of new dairy process analysis solutions

Options for process control with in-line near infrared analysis are improving every day.

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Improve fresh cheese production process

ProFoss™ for fresh cheese controls the efficiency of the separator, optimising the Total Solids content of the final product for maximum yield. Optional testing for additional parameters such as Protein content ensures that you pay just the right price for your raw material.

The optimal solution for dairy powder process analysis

ProFoss™ for dairy powder provides continuous and accurate measurements for monitoring your powder process. Following product composition more closely enables you to validate the moisture content and make timely adjustments to meet specified final product quality for increased yield and pricing options.


How to improve WPC/MPC production

ProFoss™ for whey protein concentrate/milk protein concentrate helps you to monitor and control your filtration process, resulting in reduced final product variation and optimised solids to protein ratio, without compromising product quality.

purplebullet Quick and simple to implement

The high resolution technology behind the accuracy of the ProFoss™ system also has benefits when implementing the system. Measurement consistency and stability can be relied on across individual instruments so you can reduce the time and costs associated with installation of individual analysers. The standardisation and stability of the solution, as well as the intelligent FOSS calibration tool ISIcal™, makes it fast and easy for non-experts to develop or expand calibrations and transfer them across units.

purplebullet Greater control for improved processes

• Robust, process solution withstands dust and vibrations and complies with hygiene and explosion regulations.

• Reliable and low maintenance – keeps on running for maximum uptime.

• Results can be fed into your production/SCADA system and/or be presented on a screen in the production area for rapid adjustments of your process.

• Full technical support and preventive maintenance option

Samples: Fresh Cheese, Mozarella, Butter,WPC/MPC after the filtration stage, Final dairy powder, greek yoghurt

Parameters: Moisture,Fat, Total solids, Protein

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