NIR network solution

RINA is a networking solution that makes it easy to precisely configure, manage and monitor NIR instruments from a remote location. RINA is ideal for companies that want to centralize or outsource their NIR support, leading to considerable cost savings, improved performance and trouble free operation.


RINA takes your NIR support to the next level

RINA is a software suite for networking of the following ISIscan™ based instruments such as InfraXact™, XDS™, NIRSystem II (Feed and Forage Analysers), ProFoss™ and Foodscan™. The software allows you to centralize or outsource your NIR support, which will lead to considerable cost savings and performance improvements. Technically it consists of three parts, a server, a network manager with access to internet and one or several clients (NIR instruments).

Feature tour

Here you can take the virtual feature tour through the features and functionality of the RINA software. The tour will take you through everything you need to know in order to get started and operate your very own RINA network.


Focus on increasing the quality of feed and let FOSS handle the support

Leading Danish feed producer jumps straight into the quality control driving seat with ready-to-use near infrared analysis backed by internet support.

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Handling over 100 instruments i 24 countries – real time

“Globally our corporation has over 100 Foss NIR instruments in 24 countries. The RINA software platform enables a real time mechanism of monitoring and review of all NIR instrumentation, no matter which generation, ensuring ultimate supportability, reliability of system performance and centralised control, including systems based remotely at supplier sites.”

Dr Ashley Scribbins
Head of Laboratory Sciences
Mars Incorporated


purplebullet Save time, save money

Centralising your NIR network has been shown to lead to significant cost savings. In addition to heavily reducing man hours, further cost savings of up to 33% have been reported, mostly from working more efficiently with calibration development and support.

purplebullet Fast and safe access to new calibration updates

RINA allows you to update many NIR instruments simultaneously giving users instant access to improved calibration models. All calibrations can be protected so it is impossible for individual clients to copy valuable calibration models.

purplebullet Choose the RINA solution to match your business

RINA is available in a variety of support packs providing different levels of analytical services to suit all needs. You can either choose to use a FOSS hosted network with different support packages or host RINA on your own server.

purplebullet Increasing performance

RINA analyses your instrument performance centrally allowing you to focus on improving the weakest calibrations in your network. By constantly and automatically monitoring and selectively refining calibrations, RINA lets you improve the performance of each individual instrument.

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