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WinISI™ 4 is the next generation of comprehensive chemometric packages for developing powerful calibrations for ISIscan™ and Foss Integrator™ based instruments.


Enhanced functionalities and new features in WinISI™ 4

• Principal component standardization
• Discriminant Analysis
• Fast LOCAL for model optimization
• Enhanced calibration monitor program
• Redesigned Project Manager
• Support for long file names

PLS vs. LOCAL Calibration models

PLS calibration is a well established method that uses a linear combination of the wavelengths for calibration development, rather than one single wavelength as in ordinary linear regression. PLS is the obvious choice when the number of samples is limited, for systems where the parameter of interest has a linear relationship to the spectra and where the range of the parameter is restricted.


Ease of use

WinISI™ 4 can be integrated with ISIscan and Foss Integrator™ based instruments to easily import spectra and monitor files. WinISI makes it possible for anybody with a minimum of chemometric knowledge to make sophisticated calibration models.

Product fingerprinting and identification of adulteration

Discriminant analysis is a qualitative methodology that can be used to identify a sample as belonging to a particular sample group. WinISI™ 4 supports 5 different methods and can be used to identify and validate products and raw material or as a screening tool for adulteration.

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Brochures and data sheets

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WinISI™ 4 Features

• PLS, PCA and MLR calibration algorithms
• LOCAL database management and evaluation tools
• Discriminant analysis
• Repeatability files make calibrations less sensitive to environmental and sample variations
• Scores population structuring programs
• Network management and standardisation tools
• Indicator variable option in calibration development to compensate for laboratory variation
• File management program

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